Slime with Purpose?

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If there is no God….we are biological machines subject to a natural predetermination (far worse than any religious fatalism) and can only function in a subjective universe without the capability of transcending to any objective reasoning. If one says we can, its only the chemical explosions in the brain that causes them to think and behave this way. After all, can randomness create order as the naturalist supposes? No, because order is subjective to each person; there is no truth. Why, even these words may not be real. My thinking is an illusion. Your thinking, in response to this, is an illusion. There is no possibility or good or hope. These are illusions only created to serve biological needs. There is no right, wrong or purpose. My friend, don’t make a truth claim, for then you place yourself in the arena of the theologians; you elevate naturalism to a belief, now you don’t want to do that do you?

If there is a God….we are created beings with a purpose. Reality can be affirmed. Reason, logic and senses are given that we may know him who created us and navigate reality. Our duty is to acknowledge him and pledge ourselves to him with our love and life. Science and natural order can have knowable outcomes. There is good and there is evil, because the transcendent one establishes the standard that distinguishes between the two. Therefore, there is law. If so, there is a lawgiver. If there is a lawgiver, there is a judge and it stands to reason there is judgment. If there is a God, then he is sovereign, he does not have to justify himself to anyone. It would be perfectly just to judge and punish all who break his law to eternal punishment. Yet, Gospel tells us that he made a way of salvation. It is this reason I am profoundly and eternally thankful.

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