Yonder Tree

Image result for  cross yonder tree

On fallen morn came disease, death and thorn

On yonder tree, sin broke and bent man to his knee

In the garden an echo sends shivers and the cold corps quivers

Grace! Grace! for sinful ears have heard, God’s redemptive word

Salvation’s seed, responding to depraved need

Planted by sacred quill, on parchment of Holy Will

Nestled, warm, and glowing through prophet’s pen a growing

Seed watered by form, types, and shadows like dew on holy meadows

Thousands of years gone, promises nearly grown

Faith seeing the accomplishment, of the Son Heaven sent.

On night divine, while the star did shine

a mother lay in the hay, the divine appointed way

A promise from scripture, now being held closely against her

Christ from David’s root, bearing sacred fruit

On black noon dooms, yet God’s seed blooms

There on yonder tree, redemption unfolded for all to see

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