IS God Good?

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So many, many tragedies fill our news feed and fill our lives.  Cancer, murder, accidents, bad things happening to good people, right?  Where is God in all of this?  Why is there so much evil in the world and in my life if God is really good?

Here is a thought for you: you can’t start the conversation at that point.  The discussion has started off with a wrong premise already.  In fact, in the short paragraph above (which is often the way fallen humanity thinks) is laced with self-centered thinking.  Listen carefully: we cannot impose our morality upon God.  We cannot stand in judgment of God, hovering over Him critically pointing out every breach of our self-designed view of how the world should be.  Yes, we judge God by our own standards.

Humbly, I submit to you, let us repent of judging God.  Let us acknowledge we are the clay and He is the Potter.  Our version of how things should be or our own morality is not accurate.  We are fallen and our sense of morality is skewed.  God is good, but not by our standards.  He is good because He is the standard.  We sin in transposing our sense of good over above the God of scriptures.  When He does not fit our sense of good, we question, doubt and defy Him.  God is good and all He does, speaks, allows, and wills is good.  Sin, evil, and suffering are products of rebellion against Him.

In the middle of suffering, hate, rebellion, sickness, and trial is God still good?  Yes, and these unfortunate events will be redeemed for the church to further His good pleasure.  Is He good to allow people to undergo suffering?  Yes, because people are fallen and not good.  People deserve much worse than to suffer a little while on this earth.  Yet in His love, He has paid for our sin in the person of Jesus Christ.  He offers free forgiveness and adoption by His grace.

God will set all things right in His time and wisdom.  He will redeem all things to Himself.  He will rule where all is perfect.  In the meantime, all suffering, trial and evil are allowed to serve His purpose.  Remember, Christ suffered at the hands of evil men, but through His sufferings, God’s ultimate will in redemption was accomplished.  Are we better than Christ?

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