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Chances are, if you are reading this, you have questions about life. As a wise man once said, answer the central questions and many of the other peripheral issues will either be answered or of no consequence.  What are those central issues of life? 

For starters, the question of eternal life.  If there is no eternal life, then that takes care of a lot right there.  We don’t need to worry about how we live or what is just, true, or good.  If there is no eternal life, then just live it up and do whatever makes you happy.

But what if there is life after death?  What if we are more than just a body?  Well then here is where the true work begins.

First of all, if there is life after death we must conclude there is a non-material side; a spiritual side if you will.  Next, does the actions we have in this life directly bear on the next life?  Are we judged?  Is there a moral consciousness that will bring our works into account?  There are different perspectives.  If you are interested, then I suggest you do some investigation into various religions.

The religion that I see best addresses the basic questions of life is Christianity.  If you don’t agree then we agree to disagree.  But disagree with me only when you have done your homework and have solid arguments.  This issue is too important not to consider carefully and fully.  Now to the heart of the issue.

The central issue Christianity addresses is the falleness of man.  Why I chose this issue is because the falleness of man is the most empirically proven fact on earth.  No other religion, ethic, philosophy, psychology, or science can deny or address this fact like the Christian faith.  We aspire to good and perfection but fall horribly short.  There are different levels of falleness, yet all are fallen.  We even coined the term, “I’m just human” as proof of this fact.  We have more in common with the vilest of sinners than we do with perfection.  We don’t even know what perfection looks like, we can’t even relate to a perfect being.

So is there such a thing as a perfect being?  I believe there is.  I see this notion of a perfect being everywhere I look.  In nature, in our imaginations, in our notions, and even in our daily lives.  We all recognize a standard: when something is good or bad, right or wrong, good or evil.  If we do not recognize this standard then one is amoral, meaning they see no good or evil in anything.

If we concluded there is a standard, then we come to a problem.  Where does this standard come from?  If we made it up because of some sort of ethical evolution, then we come back to our first point: there is no absolute standard.  Meaning there is no right or wrong.  If there is an absolute standard, then where does this come from?  The only conclusion is an absolute law giver.  This is a frightening thought, because this lawgiver is also a judge ready to pass sentence on all who have broken his standards.  This brings us back to the first point and greatest need of humanity: we are all sinners against the perfect Lawgiver.

If you are still reading, then you must recognize that you are not capable of being perfect and must account to the perfect lawgiver for your sins.  What bad news this is!  This is where Christianity differs from all other methods and religions.  Christianity does not rely on human efforts in gaining favor with God or the perfect One.  Christianity has a remedy for our sinful condition that is not dependent upon us.  Christianity states that the Triune God, sent the second person of this Godhead, to pay the penalty for our sin, and keep perfectly the demands of the perfect Lawgiver.  The penalty of our sin, and the blessing of his obedience is switched.  By our faith, Jesus receives our penalty and we receive his favor.  Yes, we are at peace with God and in good standing based upon Jesus Christ’s work!

If you have read this far, then maybe you will be willing to consider this: To have peace with God, and everlasting life, then simply believe upon Christ for your salvation.  As evidence of your faith, repent from a life displeasing to him.  That is all my friend.  Cling to Christ for he is your salvation, sent from God because he loves you.  To learn more about his I have several books for you to read.  There are sixty-six books in all.  Fortunately for us, this collection of books can be found in one volume: the Bible.  Find a church that will you teach these books.  My prayers are with you.

For further readings:

Romans chapters 1-5, St John chapter 3, 6, Ephesians chapter 1,2

Contact Information:

Crossroads Church (non-denominational)


PO Box 2821 Lebanon, VA 24266

Directions:  East Highway 19 before the stoplights at Rosedale.  In front of the carwash, beside Dr. office.  In the Hale building.  Middle section with Crossroads Church sign on top of the building.

Service time: Sunday 10:45 am

Come as you are!



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