Reading and Thinking Through I John

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We are currently preaching through this book at Crossroads Church.  I have a couple of thoughts, that are big broad brush thoughts, on this book.  As you read these, just know they are fleshed out much more during Sunday morning sermons.  I encourage you to come to our or church, or any church that has solid Bible teaching for your spiritual growth.

*Soap Box rant: Read your Bible.  Read the scriptures slowly, purposefully, and in context.  Pray as you read.  May the Holy Spirit strengthen you and conform you to Christ.

Here are a few thoughts of mine on the first chapter of I John.

  1. John knows what he is talking about and the ramifications

I find it powerful that John tells us point blank, he was with Jesus, saw Him, handled Him and passes this along for our assurance.  He is an eye witness to Christ.  Now you can do the diligence and look at the evidence for a Johannie authorship.  I believe there is too much evidence not to support his authorship.

So….the point I muse over is the massive accountability we have to believe John.  God will hold us accountable for and to the words of His messenger John.

2. John’s message is Christ came in the flesh.

This message is important for the following reasons:

Because by becoming flesh, the problem of sin is dealt with.  From the satisfying of the wrath of God, to the imputation of Christ’s  righteousness, to the mediation are all doctrine that follows from Christ coming in the flesh.

John notes that our fellowship with each other is predicated upon correct theology that is Christ coming in the flesh.

Because of Christ coming in the flesh, all humanity has a focal point.  Jesus is the focal point of history, of morality, of law and authority.  This is a very unpopular message because man wants to be the sum of all things, the focal point.  We construct false narratives, the true history is the narrative of redemption of men by God through Christ.

Lastly, by Jesus coming in the flesh, the redeemed have a sure future.  As He lives, so shall we live as Jesus is the first fruit among the brethren.

3. John’s powerful assertion that God is light.

God is the starting point for all knowledge.  He defines reality.  Notice the usage of light.  I believe this makes reference to the good, hope, understanding, comfort and the like.  Left to ourselves men hope for light but must be resigned to live in darkness.  Men are finite, blind by our temporal state and in no way sure of outcomes.  By presupposing God, there is sure standards and answers to the most profound questions of meaning and suffering.

4. John’s blessing on those that walk in the Light.

The blessing is that we abide with God in a state of fellowship and favor.  He is our ultimate joy and meaning.  Characteristics of our fellowship deserves its own section.

We will walk in the light.  That is our very conversation and character will be reshaped by God and turned toward Him.  We keep His commands, humbly walk with Him and love our neighbors as ourselves.  Simply, if we do not reflect this behavior, we are in darkness.

The blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin.  How does this work?  Because a character of being in the light is to repent and confess sin.  It is a continuous habit, not merely a one time event.  The blood of Jesus supplies perpetual forgiveness as we walk in the light confessing and repenting of sin.

The next several blogs will track our progress through John.



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