How Does the Bible Stand Up Against Three Major Tests of Reliability?

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This is a short entry for the purpose of providing a little substantiating of Biblical reliability.  I can’t defend the Bible, I think a preacher once said, “defending the scriptures is like defending a lion.”  God does not need defending.  Yet, I hope that these links provided for these few weeks would be fodder for further thought.  Below are three distinct areas the Bible stands up to the test of criticism: Preservation, Bibliographical, and Archaeological.

A good read on the preservation and inerrancy of scripture can be found here.   Have you ever hear someone say, “the Bible has so many discrepancies, why trust it?”    That is simply not the case and that argument is a straw man meant to misrepresent the case.

A good read on the Bibliographical test of scripture can be found here.  This test is simply how many ancient copies do we have of the scriptures can can substantiate it?  Especially when we compare it to other ancient works.  The Bible far and away wins this test.

What about archaeology?  Is there any proof/evidence of the Bible’s validity from the digging up of the past?  Well, glad you asked.  There certainly is.  This article is an outstanding treatment of Biblical archaeology.

In conclusion, I understand that there are other articles/sites that will spin evidences to try and “disprove” Biblical reliability.  Why would this be– especially in light of strong evidence I have mentioned above.  Well, as I have stated in many other articles, it is a matter of the heart.  The heart greatly interprets the evidence the eyes see.  May God change our hearts to “behold wondrous things in your Law”.  Psalm 119:118.

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