Is Jesus’s Story A Copycat?

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I have been confronted with the argument that Jesus’s story is simply a retelling of Horus, or other ancient figures.  Cold Case Christianity does a wonderful treatment of this issue in this article.  Here is another good read.  And Here.

Several arguments will come up.  First, that Christians are simple hypocrites, saying that another religion’s god is false while defending their own god.  My answer is that everyone has a god, and origin, a ultimate authority and we will all defend it.   This is our attempt to defend the claims we believe are truth.  Flipping the accusation back on the critic and making them prove their worldview and basis for truth, reason, etc., is very daunting for the critic.

Another argument that always pops us is this: there is no evidence.  If there was a God wouldn’t he just prove himself.  Give us evidence?  Well, I think He did.  We have the evidence of historical records of the doings of God in History, culminating with the Person of God appearing before humanity in Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, to me, the Christian faith is the most favorable worldview because it has 1. evidence 2. coherency 3. justification for truth, logic, reason.  I do not see Darwinian evolution as providing evidence, coherency, or justification for truth, logic and reason.  I do not see any other religion as coherent addressing the situation of humanity.  The more I study the Bible, the more I am overwhelmed by the unity, preservation,  theme, and evidence.


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