The Evangelist

The Ultimate Guide for XR Evangelists | by Reuben Steiger | A Pattern  Emerges | Medium

It is sad that the word conjures up images like the one seen above. Glory hungry, self promoting snake oil promoters is what many think of. But what is the evangelist?

The glory of God is his highest goal. The salvation of souls is his aim. The means of the glory of God and the salvation of souls is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the work of the evangelist. His life is consumed with the sowing of the gospel. The true evangelist is well acquainted with the Gospel. The true evangelist understands and lives by certain principles in ministry.

  1. The gospel is about the living and dying of Jesus Christ. A clear presentation of God saving the world through Jesus is paramount. The Gospel is not God having a plan for you. The Gospel is not about a better life. Peripheral, temporal lusts of humanity such as glory, success, fame, health, wealth, and self-help are not to be sought after. The Gospel calls us out of ourselves and to look to another’s sacrifice to save us. The Gospel calls us to die to ourselves and our fleshly lusts and to follow a suffering savior.
  2. The Gospel is about hating sin. If one loves sin, he cannot love God. To endear, tolerate, and overlook sin is to minimize or even hate the Gospel. What is sin? Whatever the scripture says it is. The understand and define sin is to read the Bible and adopt a biblical worldview. Sin is actions, attitudes, words, thoughts, and omissions. Sin is toward God, man and creation. Sin is overt and subtle. Sin is original and indwelling it is bequeathed and accumulated. Christ saves from all.
  3. The Gospel is simple. It does not need to be adorned with music, lights, parties, coffee, style or popularity. All the previous things that I mentioned are not evil or wrong but unnecessary. There is a power of the Gospel that comes in simplicity. There is no need to shout, to scream, to use fancy words or poetry, the story of Jesus is power in itself. In fact, it is in the Gospel’s simplicity that true conversions take place. The crowded, cluttered atmosphere of “style” there is much manipulation to be found.
  4. The Gospel is hated. Why? Because it is not about a good man showing us the way to a good life, but about God coming as man to save us from our good life. Our idea of a good life is most of the time at odds with God’s plan for our holiness. God calls us out of the world because His wrath is upon and men love darkness rather than light and we hate him.
  5. The Gospel is not a promotion of the American dream, culture or ideology. America is not the center of the Bible. Heaven will not be an American utopia. Heaven is filled with elect from all nations, tongues and tribes. The Gospel is of heavenly character and does not conform to a cultural style.

Here are a few thoughts about the Evangelist’s work. He preaches the Gospel. He is a prophet, proclaiming the message of a heavenly king. He is hated, he is loved, he has his season, he has his end and he has his reward.

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