Great American Moral Hero?

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Superman, GI Joe, Luke Skywalker, Spiderman, Wonder woman, and a 1000 others have one thing in common.  They choose to be on the good side, the moral side.  Even the anti-hero characters are nothing more than an edgy moralist.  They always seem to be on the right side of morality.  What happens when they are not…well, we have a word for that it’s called the villain.   

America, the world for that matter, is looking for a hero.  When one boils down the hero to the common denominator, they are on the side of good, the side of morality.  Here is the rub: They choose to be on the side of good.  This is what makes them the hero.  The power of choice, the power of a super disciplined, iron will that always, no matter what chooses the side of good. 

From this ideology comes the famous anti-drug slogan: just say no.  The presupposition is there that one has the power to make choices for good.  Good is a choice that everyone should make.  We all can be a hero because we all have the power to make the right choice.  Is this reality? 

Well, I admit that God has gifted humanity with common graces that we have the ability to make certain moral choices that prevents mankind from not being as bad as we could be.  However, it ends there.  Humanity has no power to choose to do good in the sense that we are perfect moral agents.  There are no perfect moral supermen or wonder women.  We all have sinned and make daily choices to transgress against the King of the universe.  We commit cosmic treason daily.  There is a name for who we are: the villain.  Our penalty is death.

Someone may say that they choose not to murder, but do they murder with their tongue?  One may choose not to commit infidelity but do they lust after their neighbor’s wife?  One may not drink to the getting drunk but are they intoxicated with vanity?  The subtle cultural acceptable sins of complaining, selfishness, divisions, strife are the way of the villain.  Just say no. right?  Humans have no power to just say no, none seek after God, no not one.  So there is the American deception right?  That there is the potential to be a hero in everyone.  The potential is in the ability to choose right.  That is false.  There is one hero.  Jesus Christ is the superman: the Godman.  He was morally perfect.   Humans are saved through His perfectness.  The notion that there is a hero in everyone is heresy.  There is a villain in everyone and only through Jesus can sins be absolved.  Only through Jesus can one receive the supernatural power to choose the moral side. 

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