Personal Message from Me to You

I have labored to be short.  These words as you read have already been laced in my prayers, even as you have been.  You see God has placed you before me to pray for.  I do not know your particular need.  However, I know the great need for all souls including myself.  And to that need let me present you these humble words:

Friend, our time on earth is short.  Our debts against God are long.  The good news is that our debts are paid in full by Jesus Christ’s life and death.  If you find yourself in a place where God’s heavy hand is upon you, and you feel His displeasure, please look to Jesus in faith.  As you do so, your guilt will melt away because God now sees you in Christ.  Faith places you in Christ, in safety and all joy.  He is a refuge for our souls.   

Now to your other needs.  I bind myself to keep you in prayer for the next week.  If you would like to talk or need further instruction, please reach out. 

Of course there are those who may think this foolish, but my concern for your well-being is genuine.  

Acts 16:31-32

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